How easy is it to start a website?

You might be wondering how hard it is to start a website.  Well the answer to that is, it’s seriously simple with our system.  We look after everything you need to get a website started easily now.

Let’s take a look at what is involved in starting a website.

Domain Name


The first thing you will need is a domain name.  A domain name is the “friendly” name or nickname that people will remember.  Our domain name is  The domain name ends up pointing to an IP address, so when a user goes to your domain name in a web browser, some DNS magic occurs and serves up the data stored on the web hosting server.

It’s important to choose a good domain name, here are some tips;

  • Keep it memorable, short is best 
  • Try not to use hyphens, and if you do keep it to 2 words
  • Use words that are related to the subject of your website
  • Don’t repeat words
  • It’s better not to use abbreviations
  • Use popular extensions, like .com,

Web Hosting

The web hosting server is where your files and data lives on.  Another thing you would like to consider is where the web hosting server is located.  US based hosting companies offer cheap hosting, but it is recommended to use a web hosting server as close as possible to your location.   We offer Australian Hosting from a world class data centre for all of our services

Website Design

The websites you look at on your monitor are made up of a whole bunch of files that sit on your web hosting server.  The design files are commonly HTML and CSS based, combined with images and get downloaded and displayed when requested by your browser.  These files are turned into themes or templates that can be used with a content management system.


We provide pre designed themes for our packages to lessen the cost of getting your business online.  With most of these designs we can, change colours to suit your brand, add your logo and change the areas where your content gets added.

Content Management System

The last piece of the puzzle is your content management system (CMS) so you can edit your website easily.  We made it a priority to provide Concrete5 one of the best and the easiest to use content management systems around.  It’s seriously easy to start managing the content for your website.


It’s important not to confuse a CMS with blogging software like wordpress.  A CMS is made specifically to handle the management of content for a website, by adding pages to your site, editing content, uploading images and adding functionality with customise features.  That being said, Concrete5 can also be used as a blog.


In Summary

So basically, what you need to get a website online is a domain name, a web host, and some html based files for the browser to download, so viewers can see your information and a CMS so that you can update information on your wesite easily.

We convieniently provide all of the above for you.  Sign up by clicking below.

Websites are about more than just food!